Captain's Log
31 July 2008

Sailing, Capricorn Channel, Command Day

Ahoy there!Captain Carrie here. Just a quick update on todays events. Command Day has arrived. After a quick trip ashore Great Keppell Island for some fun and games the whole youth crew gained control of the fantastic Young Endeavour at 1300. I am in command for the first 12hrs of the day.Our Beach Assault Team went ashore to claim the beach and sing Australia’s National Anthem loudly and proudly. A large hammock was built to withstand the whole crew on the ship, including all staffies.We got moving in the afternoon with very little wind, and a few learning curves. Sailing now, although not as fast as we would like. We are thrilled at being given the chance to sail this amazing ship and look forward to sailing in to Gladstone tomorrow.Thats all from me for now. I wish Pete luck with his 12hrs of command.Cheers, Carrie 🙂


23° 12' South / 151° 4' East


Wind NE 10 knots, sea calm; weather cool and clear