Captain's Log
19 October 2016


From Youth Crew Bec:Yesterday evening we returned from our brief hiatus on Frasier Island to a BBQ aboard deck. Everyone was re-energised by their time ashore and enjoyed dinner on deck against a perfect sunset. Last night was spent at anchor, affording the youth crew (and staff) the chance to get some much needed sleep.The Youth Crew’s high spirits continued this morning, with more fine weather and special appearance by a couple of whales off of the port side during morning brief. The days activities have consisted of changing the jib and the forestay sail, and practicing rotational tacking stations. With seasickness a thing of the past, the crew are beginning to feel as though we are starting to get handle on the various aspects of managing the ship.Everyone is in a great mood and looking forward to our next stop at Middle Percy Island on Sunday.Bye for nowBec


24°32's / 152°55'e


Wind: Southerly 10 -15 knots Sea Calm