Captain's Log
18 September 2001

Running Away to Be a Sailor

We’ve just completed the youth crew command day, which began yesterday at about 1900. The course set was a challenging one, sail from Lorne, through the Rip into Port Phillip and onto an anchorage near Port Arlington to send a beach assault team ashore to claim a part of the mainland for the youth of Australia. Then we set sail again for our current position and arrived here about an hour ago. While ashore one of those people that the beach assault team rounded up to sing the national anthem was an ex-youth crew member and her baby, which just goes to show that it’s a small Young Endeavour world. It’s been a big day and night for all involved and it’s probably best to hear from those who did all the great work – the youth crew – over to you…All the best wherever you areMatthew RoweYouth crew entry by Sara Hanley and Janene Frawley, both 23, Canberra.A big day indeed. I came on this trip wanting to get fit and fit I will be, just from getting changed in and out of all the gear we have to wear has just about done it. (Although climbing up the masts may have had something to do with it.) We have had very windy and cold weather conditions and I’ve had to put on all the foul weather gear including jacket and pants (which take 10 minutes all by themselves) not to mention the beanie, gloves and harness. The other day I did this about five times in two hours. Each time I took them off and tried to lay down to get some sleep we would be called back up on deck and I would have to put it all back on again. So I’m looking pretty buff.It’s an adventure at sea after all and I am enjoying every minute of it. Sending all my love out to Fab, Mum, Annabel, Joan and Bas, Robyn and Craig. See you all very soon Sara the Buffster aka Gnome/Snapperhead.Here I am aboard a ship out in open sea – a dream come true and I am loving every second of it. I did not get seasick at all so I am now contemplating running away and becoming a sailor. There has been a lot of hard work, which I relish and so many fun times had with all of the great youth crew and staff. All of the days seem to roll into the next way too fast and I can’t believe the adventure is nearly coming to an end. Today was command day and I took on the role as one of the chefs making breakfast, lunch and dinner for 38 people. I did a fantastic job if I do say so myself. Very proud of all my work – always trying my best.Thankyou to all the blue watch, Rags and Chantal for making this trip heaps of fun and full of laughter. Hi to all back home, wait till you have seen all of my bruises. Hope you have been looking after the garden Jane. See you all soon ��� Janene – Neany/Olive Oil.


37° 53' South / 144° 51'


Captain's Log for Tuesday 18 September 2001.Situation at 2000: at anchor in Altona Bay, near Melbourne, Vic. Wind light and variable. Temp 13C