Captain's Log
11 January 2009

Rough Seas …

Hello everyone from a rough Southern Ocean. Don\’t blame the weather on me! The Youth Crew have command. Captain Rob asked me to pass a few words as he is currently busy attending to matters of state. The Youth Crew sailed the Ship from anchor mid afternoon and did the hard yards getting us out of Bremer Bay with lots of tacking and wearing until just before sunset when we were sufficiently far enough out to sea to then shape course towards the east. There is a long heavy swell from the south and cold air that seems to have found its way from Antarctica! Despite the weather we are pushing on. As I type we have Jesse, James, Arron and Chook up the mast sea furling (stowing) one of the sails – great effort. Hats off also to Mary, Ebony (happy birthday) and Aron in the galley – great dinner served with aplomb despite the sloppy seas and bouncy ride. Jade was in giving a hand cleaning up and Katherine (KT) rounding everyone up. Jason and Nick doing some great navigating indeed. Amazing how you find little gems when you scratch the surface and people are performing under pressure. Other Youth Crew are resting and awaiting their watch while some are seeking the comfort of the rail and chance to feed to the fish. A good effort given the conditions. I expected a lot more people to be down with the mal-de-mar.Until tomorrow …Dave J (Yak)Voyage Captain


34° 25' South / 119° 45' East


Wind southerly at 20 knots backing slowly to the south east and easing as the night goes on. Long 3 metre swell from the south with a 1.5 metre sea from the south south east. Barometer 1031 and steady. Can\'t wait for the influence of the high pressure system to start affecting us tomorrow.