Captain's Log
3 June 2002

Rose Bay, Sydney Harbour

After a month-long maintenance period YOUNG ENDEAVOUR is back atsea again. My thanks go to my Staff Crew who have worked incrediblyhard to get the ship looking pristine again and working well.Our new Youth Crew (YC) joined us in the afternoon and we gotunderway with a big crowd of family and friends to wave us off.Tonight we shall stay at anchor and get to know the ship and eachother. The YC have the minor task of climbing the masts tonight andtying knots while they are up there. My champion team for this Voyage to Brisbane comprises of Nath -XO, Aaron – Nav, Mhandii (doing her last Voyage) – Bosun and WhiteWatch Leader, Karen – Blue WL, Stewie – Red WL, Barry (doing his lastVoyage too) – Engineer and Polly (‘don’t call me buttons’) – Chef.A big welcome goes out to Lauren Hindmarsh who assists Mhandii andwill take over her jobs and also to Luke Marthick who is WatchOfficer this Voyage (and keen for a swim) and a master at sailingTasar dinghies. Stay tuned,Andrew R. Davis


33° 52' South / 151° 16'


Wind - calm, temp 14C