Captain's Log
V13/17 Brisbane to Newcastle
10 August 2017


Ahoy there,Another night of the Ship rolling under the influence of a beam swell, although it did abate through the night as we continued to motor towards Pittwater, our next planned anchorage.At 0930 Brett the engineer and I conducted our staysail setting and furling competency assessment , known as ‘Captain’s Setting and Furling’, of the Watches individually and I am pleased to say all three watches were successful.Just after lunch Brett conducted the next round of ‘Rope Races’ and Sailmaster Evan ran a few games on deck before we anchored the Ship in Flint and Steel Bay at Pittwater at 1530. At 1600 I gave the Youth Crew the Command Day brief, which included some advice on electing their Leadership Team.We had a Teak Deck BBQ dinner and enjoyed the sights of Ku-Ring-Gai Chase National Park as the sun set. The Youthies launched into their elections at 1845, for which they were allocated an hour and then Sailmaster Evan screened a movie in our upper-deck cinema.It is intended to remain at anchor overnight, with the crew keeping anchor watches to keep the Ship safe.Until tomorrow, when you will also hear from Youth Crew Captain Sean Rodgers.Yours aye,Captain Mike