Captain's Log
24 November 2009

Ripped Off!

Voyage Log ��� Tuesday 24 Nov/ Day 7We crossed the Rip this morning at 0700 and after all the build up it was only a ripple in the prevailing conditions. The Navigator was trying to look like it was all part of his plan as we sped over the only slightly disturbed water and down the channel. On the way we took the opportunity to complete the last of the formal preparations for Command Day ��� with each watch setting and furling a number of sails to prove that they could do so safely without intervention from staff. After coming to anchor near Rye (a beautiful spot on the southern side of Port Phillip Bay) the crew was very happy to proceed ashore and swarm over any source of sugar that was handy. As I write this we have just finished another Teak Deck BBQ and the Youth Crew are looking forward to electing some of their number to formal positions for Command Day. Either way all will have to take on various leadership roles when we hand over the keys tomorrow….The crew asked to write a few short messages …. many can not wait until they fire up their phones on the final day! More tomorrow …xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxHey Rhonda and Terry,What is going on in the Wollongong? We have been traversing the wide open seas. Its been and awesome experience. Make sure you look after Charlie. -Daniel G.Dear Father,All is well. Having fun.Boy.P.S. Hello and love to Cait. Hello to all my friends and family, and a special Ahoy-hoy to Brent, Terry, Waqar and all the Engineering boys! Hope your lovin life as much as I am! We’re all having a blast. We haven’t encountered any pirates yet, but there’s sure to be a chance still.  Good luck with all exams xx Mish.Ahoy Ahoy its Jess the White Watch Leader, just a shout out to all my friends, and a special message for you Taffy, yes, the bosuns store is neat and tidy. I just cleaned the BBQ and it is spotless also. Hi to My Mum Cathy, Nan, dad Peter, sister Liz and brothers Pat and Andrew, I miss you all very much and see you all in December.Greetings and salutation all. A get well soon to my little man Damo. A Hope you being good my little fasionista Jazz . To Mum and Daddy (the camera you bought me has come in handy specially the water-proof-ness of it) Lots of love to all of my family Nat, Dave, Jerrod, Keiran, Deanna, Gemma, Cin and Mark. LaniHello to all my family! I’m sorry I didn’t get to see some of you before I left for the ship, but it has ben a fantastic and challenging voyage. I hope all is well and Ellie hasn’t missed me too much. I hope the friendships I’ve made on this ship will remain for years to come. Caleb. (P.S. Missing 2 weeks of XBox LIVE was so worth it!)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


38° 21' South / 144° 49' East


Fine and sunny with a light breeze ...