Captain's Log
18 April 2000

Rest time at Broken Bay

We left our intrepid Youth Crew yesterday having successfully extricated themselves from their first challenge, namely recovering the ship from all aback. Soon they were sailing the shipnicely before the light south-west breeze and making good time towards Sydney, their first destination. Their lack of opportunity to gain any significant sailing experience during the voyage did show however and at one stage a moment of inattention had the ship aback again. This took quite along time to resolve but perseverance paid off and eventually we were back on course. Lack of wind resulted in a few hours of motoring overnight but at 0400 this morning they were in a good position for entering Sydney Heads and back under sail. At 0630 they had achieved their next task of anchoring in Spring Cove and had launched the shore expedition, who sang a wake up call to all those back onboard via the handheld radio. Soon we were underway again and sailing towards our next destination, Broken Bay, where we duly anchored an hour ahead of schedule. Given the lack of sailing experience gained due to the dearth of wind this voyage, the Command Day proved especially challenging and overall the Youth Crew performed well and learnt a lot from it.This afternoon we are having a sports afternoon to unwind a bit then back on board for a deck party and a well earned nights rest at anchor. But there’s still more to come, see you tomorrow.Cap’n Bob


33° 34' South / 151° 16'


Course 270, Speed 4 knots, proceeding to anchor Broken Bay. Wind light and variable, sky partly cloudy, temp 23