Captain's Log
21 August 2000

Rendezvous with Endeavour

After a balmy night at anchor when Command Day elections where held, a glorious day dawned. After Happy Hour, Brasso Day and a wash down, the youth crew laid aloft to ungasket all squares and the main in preparation for a memorable day of sailing.The replica HM Bark Endeavour departed Mooloolaba Harbour at midday and soon after the brigantine Young Endeavour weighed anchor and made rendezvous with her as she passed through the harbour entrance. The two tall ships then made a majestic departure accompanied by a throng of spectator craft. The sight of two square rigged sailing ships was a sight to behold as the two ships danced around each other in light winds, exchanging the odd greeting and the occasional volley of cannon fire (blank of course) as the ships came within 50 metres of each other.The Youth Crew did an absolutely sterling job of setting all sails in short order and tacking and wearing ship over ten times within an hour. Great job guys – well done.A farewell was signalled to Endeavour and the two ships parted ��� Young Endeavour departing the area at speed in strengthening easterlies and Endeavour making ground south to Byron Bay. Hopefully we will meet again next voyage.What a way to start Command Day. Now the real fun started. At 1400 I handed Command of Young Endeavour to Andrew Foster, 24, of Maitland. The ship was hove to and the Youth Crew quickly and expertly re-set the sails and got underway to meet their first objective – investigating Volcanic activity to the east. The light northerly winds will assist in making good progress and they are displaying very good teamwork skills which will ensure they have a great Command Day and most importantly, fun.Speak tomorrowAndrew Davis


26° 32' South / 153° 28'


Current situation at 1800: At sea off Mooloolaba, Course 050, Speed 2, sailing - all sails set, Temp 16, Wind north, 8 knots.