Captain's Log
16 February 2008

Refuge Cove & White Watch Captains Log Entry

Ahoy Shipmates, This morning was bright and clear and an early morning brief found YOUNG ENDEAVOUR just 7nm east of Refuge Cove. While the YC conducted a quick ���Happy Half Hour�� the Staff Crew brought the Ship safely to anchor in the spectacular Refuge Cove. Once anchored the Engineer conducted another set of rope races followed by an early lunch. By late morning we had commenced ferrying the YC ashore conscious of the fact that this was the first time in the past six days that they had set foot on ���terra firma�� and we wanted to maximise their time ashore in such a remote and beautiful part of the country. While ashore the Watch Leaders conducted mid-voyage talks, followed by plenty of spare time to either swim in the crystal clear water, play beach sports or hike up to the scenic Refuge Cove Lookout. By late afternoon we had ferried everyone back onboard to enjoy a five star ���teak deck�� BBQ professionally cooked by Lindsey (the Engineer) and myself. On completion of this gastronomical feast it was straight into three way talks followed by the movie ���Around Cape Horn��. At 2100 we weighed anchor and departed Refuge Cove. At the moment Blue Watch are busy setting all sail while the other two watches have gone to bed, because they are due to come on watch at midnight and 0400 respectively. Please find attached Captains Log for this evening from White WatchYours AyeCaptain GavWhitees for Captains LogageDay 6 – Refuge or Bust!Woken up by the melodious voices of our friends in Red Watch (irony!). Following yet another amazing breakfast we headed up to the bridge for watch, which immediately became awesome when a pod of dolphins appeared, riding along the starboard wake.At morning brief, the lovely Bel was transformed into human cannon, complete with cherry tomato cannonballs and muesli gunpowder. You really had to be there.It was about ten o’clock when we arrived in Refuge Cove ��� the beautiful inlet, surrounded by amazing rock faces and trees stretching up into the sky, opened to a secluded beach which was ours for the day. It took a while to get our land legs back, but not long after we decided to make the most of our short break to play football, cricket and soccer, or go for a bushwalk, led by Chooka (yay!) which took us to the incredible lookout over the equally breathtaking views of the ocean and Wilson’s Promontory.Although it was great to be back on land, you couldn’t keep us away from the water with activities like snorkelling, swimming, kayaking, and being dragged around behind Jase’s ���rowboat with an engine’.The day ended with an awesome barbeque on deck, cooked up by Captain Gav and the incredibly cute Jarod. We had some fun team-building exercises and finished with an inspirational sailing film. Another fantastic day aboard, just taken the anchor up and setting sail again��_Shaun:Hi Mum, hi Dad, I’m still alive now. And if I’m still alive I’ll tell you all about it when I come home. Love Shaun. Tim:To all you good socialists out there, I’m slowly bringing down the Navy from within. Love to my peeps. Matt:How r ya mother duck and Rodney John haha lol this has turned out to be not a bad trip and I am enjoying it more and more. lol I am giving you 2 choices 1. I come back smiling and do everything you ask (EVERYTHING) and I get your car mum.2. I come back worse then ever with dads car. I feel great after 6 days without  xoxPS. Sorry that this is so blunt but I was rushed for time.Elita:Hi Mum and all at home, I did break most of my nails but I’m still OK! The ���wonder patch�� did not work and I was sick like a dog for the first two days. Loving it now, spent most of the day admiring views on the beach��_ Julia: you are going to LOVE this!!! Tell you ALL about it when I come home. Miss you guys, don’t forget to pick me up with bfast on Thursday xxHayden:Hi mum and Dad and dogs. Having a fun time, sick for the first couple of days but I’m over it now. Miss you, Love Hayden.Ivana:Hi mum, dad and all. Having an awesome time on the voyage, finally got my sea legs and am not sick anymore. I climbed the fore mast twice, freaking scary, and am going to climb main mast in the next few days (kinda nervous). Tell you more when I get home. Can’t wait to see you all miss and love you all.Annabelle:Hey Dad and Mummy, this is definitely not the ocean cruise I expected, but I think you would be proud of my new sailing ability. I’ve got a bruise to represent every rope I’ve pulled (which is a lot). Love you and miss you so much, your favouritest daughter. Bel.Laura:Hey Mum, Dad, Bobas, Yasin, copious friends (haha) and all at RJB’s (I’m looking at you Michelle) ��� AWESOME. The end. I’ll expand on that when I get back. Make sure to tell Peter I DIDN’T get seasick (whoo!) and I’m way braver than he thought I would be, hahaha.Lots of love, Laura xxoo


39° 7' South / 146° 28' East


Just departed Refuge Cove and have set all plain sail. Currently experiencing north easterly winds at 15-20kts.