Captain's Log
30 May 2004

Refuge Bay

After another delicious lunch, the youth crew continued their set and furl drills. This confirmed that they have all the necessary skills to sail YOUNG ENDEAVOUR for their Command Day. The emphasison these drills is ensuring that the youth crew can safely set and furl sails without risking damage to themselves or the Ship.At 1415 the Ship came to anchor in the aptly named Refuge Bay at Scawfell Island. This bay provides shelter from the strongsoutheasterly winds that we are experiencing. This uninhabited smallisland measuring just 2.5nm by 2nm has three peaks over 300m high, and is home to many large spiders, lobsters, reef sharks and giant turtles.Mid-voyage talks were conducted shortly after anchoring by the watches. This presents an opportunity for the youth crew to share their experiences of the voyage so far. The feed back from this forum indicates that the youth crew are having a fantastic time meeting new people and facing new challenges. The only realdisappointment has been how many people felt the effects of seasickness, thankfully now passed.A magnificent buffet dinner was followed with the screening of a video showing footage of a massive tall ship weathering huge storms in the 1920’s. The sheer size of the ship, and the safety regulations (none – just hang on, it would be silly to let go!) serve to show how fortunate we are to be able to experience such weatherwith the back up of modern safety and navigation equipment.At 1900 the youth crew were briefed on Command Day, and then conducted their elections for their command structure for the day. Congratulations to YC Captain Hugh, YC XO Nic, YC Navigators Bel andLuke, YC Watchleaders Darren, Pat & Michael, and YC Chefs Aiden, Alana & Daniel. Special mention to the YC BRAT (Beach Ready Assault Team) of Stacey, Bree, Duncan & Nick. A quick morning activity was followed with breakfast and then a short boat trip to Scawfell Island. A fun round of Head-Butt Tag and Dead-Ant was followed with a great swim, exploring the many rock pools and generally relaxing in the National Park. Thank you also to the youth crew who collected a small pile of rubbish from thebeach ensuring the beach remains clean and pristine for future visitors.All safely back onboard, the youth crew are busily preparing for the hand-over ceremony at 1400 where they will assume command ofthe Ship for the next 24 hours. They have been given a series of tasks and way-points to complete, and are excited about thechallenges facing them. So are we.Young Endeavour Fact File:YOUNG ENDEAVOUR is fitted with two Stokes Anchors (cast steel anchor with forged steel shanks) connected by 6 shackles (90feet per shackle) of 17.5mm cable to deck clenches in the cable locker. The combined weight of the anchor and fittings (excluding cable) is 444kg.Thought of the Day: ‘Never act a certain way to fit in, for when all your acting is done, you will have forgotten who you really are; Christopher SwiftYours Aye,Phil GadenLEUT, RANActing Commanding OfficerYouth Crew Impressions:Luke 16, MudgeeThe voyage so far has been great! I’ve managed to climb higher than I ever thought I could. I’ve conquered my fear of heights and had fun doing it. It’s been amazing. I was elected navagator which was a realhighlight.Soph 22, MelbourneYoung Endeavour has been amazing so far – even have managed to climb aloft which was pretty intimidating but felt great to do it! Going ashore to Scawfell island today was beautiful! Having a great time…Natalia 23, TasmaniaGreat weather, fantastic people, beautiful islands, magnificent ocean… and lots of learning and climbing. Hi Alina and Jose!


20° 52' South / 149° 36' East


Wind south-easterly at 20 - 25 knots. Weather fine.