Captain's Log
30 April 2002

Reflecting on Lessons Learnt

Current situation at 1100: I left you two days ago with the Youth Crew in charge of the ship having recovered from being aback and got her moving again. Overnight they manoeuvred the ship through several way-points, which required a number wears (changing course and bringing the wind from one side to the other). By the end of the day, the team had become competent ship handlers, bringing YOUNG ENDEAVOUR to anchor in Hunters Bay, all under sail and well within the time limit. This allowed the ‘Beach Assault Team’ plenty of time to complete their task of paddling ashore and organising a choir from the local population to sing Advance Australia Fair on the beach. In 45 minutes they persuaded an impressive 69 people to join them and sing a rousing rendition of the National Anthem.After such a busy 24 hours the ship was handed back to the staff. Sunday night was spent at anchor reflecting on all the lessons learnt from the day and recuperating for the busy Half Day sail planned for Monday on Sydney Harbour.An early start saw YOUNG ENDEAVOUR sail from Hunters Cove to Fleet Base East at Garden Island to pick up the guests for the sail on the harbour. After embarking the Minister assisting the Minister for Defence the Honourable Dana Vale and several Youth Organisations the ship left FBE for a pleasant sail around the harbour – setting and furling all YOUNG ENDEAVOUR’s sails. Many onboard also took the opportunity to climb the Foremast with the assistance of the Youth Crew.Another successful Half Day sail completed, we sailed for Farm Cove to take in the scenic Sydney sights including the Opera House, Harbour Bridge and Botanical Gardens. The afternoon was busy with the Youth Crew harbour furling the square sails and preparing for the concert to take place that night.With an artistic display (that would give Moulin Rouge a run for it’s money) from all the Youth Crew and Staff and especially the XO, the concert wrapped up what was an extremely busy couple days. The watches overnight allowed the Youth Crew to reflect on the last 9 days and to say their final goodbyes.After a special night at anchor, YOUNG ENDEAVOUR sailed for West Wall FBE to be welcomed by many of the Youth Crew’s parents. A stirring rendition of the National Anthem welcomed the ship back to Sydney for a maintenance period. The final presentation saw Daniel Neill from Denmark, WA awarded the Medallion and all youth crew their voyage certificates. Overall the voyage was a major success for all concerned and the Staff now have a well earned rest to get the ship ready for the upcoming voyages.I would like to take this opportunity to thank all Staff and Youth Crew for their support over the years and as I embark on another adventure in life, I wish everyone fair winds and following seas.Cap’n BobYouth Crew entry by Toni Latta aged 22 from Canberra.Over the last 9 days I have experienced tiredness, pain, fear and stress like I have never endured before. This voyage has allowed me to live my dream, make life long friends, and have the courage to achieve anything I want in life. The Young Endeavour staff are the best teachers I have ever had and without their patience and support the trip would not have been such a success.Youth Crew entry by Tabitha Collins aged 21 from Newcastle.I made it, all the way to the top and out on the yards , the side things that hold up the sails, I have discovered ways to exploit my boundaries and learnt great lessons of confidence and being true to myself. Everyone onboard have had such a different experience but we have all learnt so much. Most of all I can tough it out. My love to AC, Howison family, Collins family B and K and Nellie.Youth Crew entry by Christopher McGrath aged 21 from Sydney.He voyage was truly inspirational. I learnt more about my self and other people than I did about Sailing. Every day I was pushed to be better than I thought I could be. The friendships I have made will outlast the 9 days spent at sea. It is an experience that I will always remember


33° 50' South / 151° 14'


Alongside West Wall Fleet Base East, Sydney. Wind calm, Sunny, temperature 22C