Captain's Log
15 February 2008

Red Watch Captains Log

Ahoy Shipmates, At the moment we are are just passing the Bass Strait Oil Fields and making good speed towards our next anchorage in the beautiful Refuge Cove at Wilsons Promontory were we plan to anchor tomorrow morning. The weather has improved since entering Victoria and everyone has had a great day. Instead of me writing the log for tonight I handed this duty over to Red Watch, so please find attached Red Watches Captains Log for tonight.Yours AyeCaptain GavRed Watch for Captain’s LogThe youth crew of V 03/08 have been on the trip of a lifetime! We did the first few days tough. The food has always been excellent thanks to ���Jarrod’s Roadkill Grill’, but we struggled to keep it down. The chunder plague struck us hard! Things looked on the up from day four onwards as it has been nothing but smiles and everyone seems to be having an amazing time. We have all been tested working as a team, tacking the ship and climbing the foremast but have all managed to get to the top at least once. We have been having lots of fun going for numerous swims and the oh so notorious happy hour! We have all had a very steep learning curve about all there is to know in preparation for day eight, command day, where we take over! We have bonded unbelievably well and can’t believe we’re already half way through, time flies when you’re having fun!BoxyA shout out to especially Mum, Dad and Sarah. Now we have found our sea-legs it is an absolutely amazing experience, once in a life time. Hope all is well at home and you are not missing me to much! Cannot wait to see you soon.MUCH LOVEP.S- Sarah please show this to the group at school!!!JessA big hello to mum, dad, Claire, Nick, all the vaccies from Blackwater and the safety department at Curragh! As of yesterday, I have been having an amazing time! (I spent the first 2 days chundering) We are now passing through the Bass Straight & it is smooth sailing. I have been challenged, and rewarded. This is no luxury cruise, but I am doing it with some pretty amazing people. Miss you all, Love Jess.CharlieHey Mum, Dad, George and Oli. Its been awesome out here on the ���deep blue sea�� I have managed to ovoid the seasickness with a couple others. We have been through some rough patches but its seemed to smooth out as we got closer to our destination.Hope you all are having fun cya in a couple of days. ShannonGreetings mother dearest, and salutations to the rest of the brood. Hope your enjoying your lives on the land. Mostly over the sea sickness so things are looking up, I sat up on the platform of the course yard for an hour this afternoon which was just fantastic and a little strange because we’re heading through bass strait at the moment and its almost smooth as glass. Can’t wait to get home and sleep in a bed that doesn’t move, though I will miss the morning skits in which the staff (mostly male) dress up as nanas, mermaids and ���ladies of the night’. See you soon, love ShannonHannahHey parentses and Alice. We’re currently just off the coast of Victoria. The first two days were tough on everyone with most of the crew seasick (not me, luckily), but after we anchored in Bateman’s Bay everything was fine. We’ve climbed the mast at 3am to furl a sail, taken the helm, hauled in and set sails and jumped off the bowsprit to have a swim! See you soon, Hannah.Captain ConradGood evening ladies & gents, Jess & Renee and all my pals back in Sydney. Well after a few extreme days at sea I finally experienced sea sickness. But quickly recovered with Jarrod’s delicious cooking, Simon’s amusing anecdotes and Captain Gav’s inspiring quotes. We’ve finally sailed down to Victoria and already the journey has been absolutely awesome. From getting to know the great company and staff on board to enjoying the breathtaking views from the top of the main mast��_And just now a pack of dolphins had kept me company as I steered the boat towards a magnificent sunset. A truly UNFORGETABLE Experience!!!���Life was made��_ Not to be delayed��  Cya BuckeroosPS:On behalf everyone on board I’d like to thank everyone from Young Endeavour for giving me and my crew the chance to undertake this unforgettable and enriching experience. This adventure has truly helped us all, no matter from what race colour or background we come from, to work and strive together as well as meet the challenges head on with an Australian spirit. This is one experience that no one will ever take away from us. Thank You Young Endeavour for fulfilling another aspect of our lives.Love from the Crew of Adventure 03/08.


38° 23' South / 148° 39' East


Currently motor sailing under fore & aft sails and experiencing light south easterly winds