Captain's Log
3 March 2008


Ahoy Shipmates,This morning saw YOUNG ENDEAVOUR come to anchor at 0635 just of the township of Eden in Twofold Bay. After breakfast and a very short morning brief all YC were ferried ashore with their respective Watch Leaders for mid-voyage talks followed by a tour of the Eden Whale Museum, which the curator generously provides to the crew of YE free of charge. On completion of this tour the YC were released on the township of Eden were they enjoyed a ‘fast food fix’ and a good leg stretch. Everyone was back onboard by 1230 to enjoy a YE “Teak Deck BBQ” and afternoon swim, which was followed closely by a humorous and entertaining session of three way talks. YE weighed anchor at 1630 and departed Twofold Bay under both main engines due to the strong north easterly. This evening the Ship returned to normal sea watches with the emphasise being on a communications exercise to be conducted during the night watches in preparation for the fast approaching Command Day.At present we are just east of Tathra Head making good speed towards our next anchorage which will be Jervis Bay.Please find attached Red Watches Captains Log for this evening.Yours AyeCaptain GavRed Watch Captains LogRed Watch (aka AKA (no, that’s not a typo), Bec, Cotter, Dazza, Em, Ilona, Max Morgs and Nikita) signing in. It’s a case of 6 days down and a swell (!) time to come. Apart from the voyage joys of dolphins, staff wrestling with sharks, seals doin’ their thing, and an alleged spotting of sunfish, The Red Team has had it share of challenges and highlights. We’ve seen the gaining of sea legs, learning what a ‘rope’ was (and that a sheet is not a sail), swinging off the yards to earn the titles of Mast Monkeys, chowing down a raw potato for the team in under 30 seconds (but we’d like to make it clear that that wasn’t food prepared by the Chefs…oh no, we are blessed with bountiful and delicious food) and pressing onwards for dominance in the Rope Races. We’ve also had the ultimate challenge of losing a Red Team Member, Bec, who we miss and wish she was here! It isn’t the same without you! Get Well Bec, we are thinking of you!For all those playing at home, you’ll all be surprised at some of the outrageous things we’ve had to endure and the amount of things we’ve accomplished in our tight knit group in Red Watch. You couldn’t even tear us apart so just be warned that when we return to you all at home that we will not be in the best of moods because the journey with each other will come to an end. Don’t be surprised if we try to spend as much time with each other before we leave for home and return to you. We’ve all been through thick and thin together and it will not easily be forgotten� and this is only the journal entry from day 6 out of 10.The things we’re been through: Three days trying to find our sea legs� lots of throwing up; Moving toilets� all have to sit down or it will go everywhere, but once seated, any random wave will send our heads smack bang into the toilet doors; Moving showers� Any movement of the boat can either send the water from the shower head straight out of the shower and into the bathroom, any extra movement could send the person in the shower out into the bathroom should they not be holding on; Short showers� for those at home who know us, we all love long showers, but here it’s thirty second of water, turn off the tap and scrub with soap, then thirty seconds to rinse; Moving rooms and open doors� any movement of the boat could send someone standing in the men’s bathroom flying out the door, across the hallway and land in the women’s bathroom� as one of us actually did.Things we got to do: we’ve been to Deal Island in Bass Strait and climbed to the top of the lighthouse (2 hours walk there and back with the ground still moving even when we get onto land is an accomplishment itself); we’ve stopped at Eden where there is the largest McDonald’s in the Southern Hemisphere with four drive thru lanes� or at least we were all fooled into believing this was true 😉 All we ended up doing was visit the Laundromat to wash our clothes.Things we’ve accomplished: Braced the sails without speaking around two in the morning� Max says hi again. ShamPoo!The challenges are far from over as we move into the second half of the voyage. It’ll be tough, but armed with red noses and flowery appearances, our morale is RED RED RED and pretty high. And who knows, we might just win the ultimate prize, the love of our Watch Leader, Jarod. You never know. Over and out.


36°44's / 150°6'e


Currently east of Tathra Head experiencing 10-15kt N/NE winds with a 2m SE swell.