Captain's Log
2 August 2000

Realigning the Stomachs

Sailed throughout the night tacking at 2000, 0400 and again this morning at 0830. The fresh SE winds have made for some good sailing although seasickness has effected most YC to some extent. Nevertheless, they have soldiered on although they were a tired mob this morning.After morning brief and happy hour, the first set of rope races were held. This competitive learning game was played with a lot of spirit and everybody seemed to enjoy themselves.Shortly after lunch the ship came to anchor off Middle Percy Island to enable those still suffering from seasickness a chance to recover. Prior to heading ashore, the YC received a lecture on navigation, from Kath, who held them in awe as she demonstrated her techniques on her chart of Tasmania (and I thought we were in Queensland!). The YC were ferried ashore for some fun and games and everybody got involved in a game of touch footy. On the beach, the resident leaseholders have constructed a number of rustic huts that are full of yachting memorabilia, supplied by visiting yachties. It was very interesting to view and read the assortment of stuff and messages. The crew returned onboard for dinner and we will get underway very shortly for another night at sea. The short time ashore has done wonders for the YC demeanour and it is smiles all round without any tinges of green.YC entry by Lyndal Hasselman (age 21 from Sydney) and Anne-Maree Bountempi (age 23 from Mount Isa) – At approx 2000 hrs Blue Watch went on watch until 0000. During the watch a tanker was spotted. It was a clear night, the stars were out but the seas were rough. The boat was heeling making everything difficult. Red Watch took over at midnight and had to climb to the topsail yard to gasket the sail. This afternoon we anchored in calm waters enabling the YC to re-align their stomachs. Nearly all of the YC have experienced seasickness. The YC proceeded ashore to Percy Island for some R and R. We left the Island leaving an Australian Navy flag at the shack with all the other memorabilia from other visitors. The whole crew signed the flag.I think it’s going to be a bumpy night tonight. Chat tomorrow.Andrew (with Lyndall and Anne-Maree)


21° 39' South / 150° 14'


At anchor Middle Percy Is, Wind SE 15kts, Temp 18, Passing showers