Captain's Log
20 March 2000

Rapid Bay

After the ship had been given a good clean and a scrub the pool was opened for a quick dip while we waited for some wind prior to getting underway. Fortunately a 10-15kt breeze did come in from the south and shortly afterwards the ship sailed from the anchorage heading to the north to cross Backstairs Passage and enter the Gulf of St Vincent.In the afternoon setting and furling drills were conducted. This sailing drill is like the final exam prior to Command Day. The youth crew must prove to me that they can set and furl each type of sail efficiently and safely. This was achieved as the ship broad reached towards the Fleurieu Peninsula. We threw in a couple of tacks late in the afternoon prior to anchoring at Rapid Bay. The sighting of a large shark close by and my phobia about Great Whites in SA waters kept the pool closed. I briefed the youth crew on my expectations of them for Command Day.In the evening we held a deck party with our chef Woody cooking up a storm and then opening the ‘Banana Split’ Bar. Some of the attire chosen by the youth crew was, well, lets call it ‘interesting’. The limbo competition was a fun as well.This morning we are holding the Command Day elections and will hopefully get underway after lunch. There is no wind at the moment and I suspect that the infamous ‘Brother Nutsie’ may be required to summons some support from the wind Gods.


35° 30' South / 138° 13'


Wind-nil , Overcast, at anchor Rapid Bay, Fleurieu Peninsula