Captain's Log
Scrubbing the deck
20 July 2007

At Anchor, Gold Coast Seaway

Ahoy Shipmates,We have just had a fantastic day since we came to anchor late this morning – to tell you all about it, here is YC Rachelle:Me-hearty’s,Well, for me this morning started at a cool 3am. I was shaken awake in the wee hours of the morning for my 4am till 8am Watch. (This consists of 8 other ‘red’ team members.) We started the morning setting and furling sails and continuing with some team building activities from our watch the night before.We were also presented with the task of Bear-X. Bear-X is a task set for your team to complete before Command day. This ensures a smooth transistion from the Official Watch Leaders to the Youth Crew. (Because we wouldn’t want to get lost at sea or sink the ship would we?) Other tasks we do also ensure we go about our tasks safely… as the Captain would say, We want to go home with ten little fingers and ten little toes.”Red teams Bear-X task consisted of wearing the ship. (Setting sails and turning the ship so our stern is facing the wind.) I’m glad to report we completed Bear-X successfully


whether it be climbing a swaying mast in pelting rain at 2am in the morning to tie up a gasket or waking up for a 7am dip in the sea. Can't wait to see what happens next!!WOW! With Command Day tomorrow / niether can I....Yours Aye


ChrisChris GallowayCommander