Captain's Log
and they are required to pass directionfrom one group to another. This highlighted the importance of effective communication when working in a team setting. At 16:00
10 June 2001

On top of the World

Situation at 20:00 – The teamwork exercise that the Youth Crew conducted last night proved to be very challenging. Each watch was given the task ofbracing the yards from one side to the other, with no assistance from the Staff Crew. This required them to utilise tolerance, cooperation and effective communications. Each watch was eventually successful and learned some valuable lessons.At today’s morning brief, Engineer Rags had a particularly large haul for his scran bag. Before long there were quite a few people singing for the return of their gear. The Salty Sea Dog regaled us with the nautical origins of the pharse Hijack”. At happyhour


as well as exchange contact details with one another.YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Fact File: The Ship is fitted with two bronze saluting cannons. They were cast at the Royal Ordinance Factory in Nottingham England and are used for ceremonial occassions.YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Glossary: Braces-The lines attached to the end of each yard (the yardarm) by which the yard is swung or bracedaround to saet the square sail to the wind. Fife Rail- The pin rail directly at the foot of a mast / so named because it was traditionally mad of oak from trees grown in the county of Fife in Scotland. Thereare now few oak trees left in Fife.Thought of the Day: COURAGE gives me strength to put worthwhile ideas into action. COMPETENCE is the ability to performhonestly the job for which I am suited. CULTURE displays the belief that an appreciation of life's goodness is a source of joy forever. COURTESAY is the outward expression of inner respect for theindividual. CHARACTER is that spiritual force within me that demands and gets my best choices and my best efforts. Mike Stratton.Yours


Aye Johm CowanLCDR