Captain's Log
Engineer Sumo mustered all hands for the first instalment of ""Rope Races"". This is an inter-watch competition that tests the Youth Crew's knowledge of upper deck equipment names and locations. The rest of the afternoon saw captain John deliver an interactive lesson in sailing theory. With what they have learned today
4 April 2007


G’Day to all: Voyage 10/07 is going very well except for one small problem….no wind. All day the Youth Crew have been busy setting and furling different sails in order to make the most of the occasional light breeze that passes over us. The day started with a truly unique wakey wakey” from the Blue watch


the night watches will be spent climbing aloft and improving setting and furling skills / as well as getting to know one another. Throughout the night we will keep hunting for the wind while we shape a course for an anchorage at Orpheus Island tomorrow.Thought of the Day: Start by doing what's necessary


then what's possible and suddenly you are doing the impossible. Saint Francis.John Cowan Commander