Captain's Log
practising castingloose the gaskets from the square sails.YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Fact File: The Ship has a suite of thirteen sails to choose from. These range from the Storm Jib and Trysail used during heavy weather
11 June 2001

Rounding Fraser Island

Situation at 20:00- Overnight the Youth Crew practised setting and furling sails and learnt how to steer the Ship and act as lookout. The wind backedaround to the Sou’West and the seas flattened out nicely. At sunrise the White watch was aloft casting loose the gaskets on the square sails, and almost all hands were over being seasick.At morning brief Navigator Phil brought us up to date on our progress. Salty Sea Dog Lukish, with a little help from some friends, provided a very animated explanation of the nautical origins of a common saying. Engineer Rags was bursting with glee as he made a massive haul for his scran bag. All the gear found sculling wascollected up and he gladly returned each item to its rightful owner. Naturally there was a price to pay, and before long almost the entire Youth Crew were following his lead. Happy Hour was next, followed by morning tea. XO Chooka led the Youth Crew through the first installment of Rope Races, which was won by the Reddies. The last activity of the forenoon was the sail theory lecture delivered by Captain John. This will form the basis for several follow onlectures designed to prepare the Youth Crew for command day.After a great lunch and a chance to sun tan on the upperdeck for an hour, XO Chooka took the Youth Crew through how to set and clew up the square sails. Navigator Phil completed the day’s activities with a lesson on basic navigation. During the afternoonthe wind died completely and we were forced to flash up the Iron Topsails”


used in very light winds. All of the sails are made from modern sailcloth (Dacron) which is more durable and lighter than canvas. All up / the sails cover 650 squaremetres.YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Glossary: Gasket- A short length of line used to secure a furled sail to a mast or spar. Cutwater- The area of aShip's Bows where it meets the water.Thought of the Day: He who has a why to live can bear with almost any how. Frederick Nietzsche.. Yours


Aye John CowanLCDR