Captain's Log
26 April 2002

Quiet sailing on the squares

Current situation at 1800:At last we found some wind, not much, but enough to shut down the engines and sail. Last night we continued north, initially motor sailing, until 0400 when we were close enough to Jervis Bay to make use of the slightly freshening wind which had backed round from north to south. We set the squares, shut down the long running engines and were soon making good a pleasant 4 knots. In the meantime the Youth Crew were well occupied with a teamwork exercise conducted during their watches.This morning we had another round of rope races and more ���games’ to explore some organisational issues prior to Command Day tomorrow. This afternoon we sailed into Jervis Bay and there conducted rotational/demonstration tacks where Youth Crew are given the opportunity of experiencing the other watches tacking stations and observe the evolution from the whole ship perspective of the bridge. Then we sailed to anchor off Bristol Point and ferried everyone ashore for some exciting and fun beach sports.Now we are all back onboard looking forward to a pizza and movie night and a good nights rest before the challenges of tomorrow.Until then,Cap’n Bob.Youth Crew entry by Sandy Worboys aged 17 from Canberra.Hey everyone back home, I’m having an awesome time and made the best friends in the world. Yesterday was an interesting Anzac Day for me, I didn’t feel too well at all, but hey you get that. I climbed the beast and jumped off the bow sprit, yay for me. One of the funniest feelings is walking on land – you feel like a baby taking its first steps, it is a relief when you get back onto the boat. We stopped in Eden yesterday and watched their parade and now we are anchored in Jervis Bay – beautiful beach. I will see you all soon and update you with the goss but for now it is go go go so I will sum this up, i love you all heaps and will see you soon bybye xxxxxx (hi unkie Stewie, if you are reading this – all the Blueys are missing you heaps – go Blue) Youth Crew entry Daniel Neill aged 23 from Walpole W.AHey crew how are we all, well I’m having the time of my life on this here tall ship, vomiting, swinging from yards 30 or so metres from the deck in a 2 to 3 metre swell combating the ability to keep the urge to throw up to a minimum, its all about the food or so we’ve found out since our stomachs have stopped regretting it. We get a three course meal three times a day. No need to say I’m putting on the kilos. Tomorrow is Command Day, we take over the boat and sail it all on our own, its bound to be a real kick. Have met so many really great people and will have friends when I get to Sydney bonus.In Jervis Bay, N.S.W, a really nice place. My watch is White watch, we are the social group, we do all the talking for whole 24 youth crew, none of it to do with the sailing of the boat. I can see that I’ll really miss the boat I dont want to leave. The biggest hurdle will be getting over the land sickness, believe me the amount of motion that concrete gets up is truly amazing. Love u all see u send more info soon on e-mail cioa


35° 8' South / 150° 43'


At anchor Jervis Bay. Wind southeast 6 knots, partly cloudy, temperature 20C.