Captain's Log
V10/17 Sydney to Brisbane
26 August 2017


Ahoy there Shipmates,Overnight the ship continued on passage north under sail, averaging 10 knots with just the Topsail, Fore Staysail and Main staysail set, until the morning watch when the Topsail was clewed-up to reduce our speed. Wakey Wakey was at 0700. After a rough night’s sleep with all the ‘rocking and rolling’ the crew dragged themselves out of bed on the promise of another of Cinnamon’s delicious breakfasts.At 0900 we had the usual morning brief and heard from Adam the Navigator, Salty the Sea Dog and Nana. We then layed aloft to improve the sea-furls on all of the square sails as the Ship closed the coast north of Coolangatta for a close look at the Gold Coast and to seek some shelter from the wind and swell. After lunch the wind abated to around 15 kn and in order to maintain our 5 knot speed requirement we set a full press of sail again.On completion I gave my Sail Theory presentation to the Red Watch. At 1500 we held the next edition of ‘Ropies’.During the First Dog watch I gave my final Sail Theory brief to White Watch as we sailed past South Stradbroke Is. By the end of the watch the wind had abated to around 18 knots from the SE and the swell was a steady 1.5 metres from the SE also. This bodes well for a slightly better night’s sleep tonight!The intentions are to remain at sea overnight continuing our passage to Mooloolaba, where we will anchor tomorrow morning, after completing Captain’s Setting and Furling, my assessment of the competence of the Youth Crew to work the sails with a reduced level of supervision, and my Captain’s Challenge, which I will keep as a surprise for the YC.Until tomorrow, take care.Yours AyeCaptain Mike


27 degrees 26 minutes South / 153 degrees 39 minutes East


Course: 17° @ 6.6 knots20°C at 2m above sea level