Captain's Log
V09/18 Sydney to Sydney
21 April 2018

Pirate Attitude

Ahoy there Shipmates,Overnight the Ship remained at anchor in Jervis Bay. Sail Master Harry piped Wakey Wakey at 0630 with the smell of fresh-baked bread wafting up from the galley. Early morning activity was another swim and rope swing conducted in the overcast cool conditions. A bacon and egg sandwich breakfast on deck then followed.Salty paid another visit to our morning brief and explained why the footropes at the ends of the yards are called ‘Flemish horses’ and added ‘I like the cut of your Jib’ to the youthies’ ‘Pirate Attitude’ repertoire. After the brief we put the youth crew ashore at HMAS Creswell for a leg stretch and to complete Mid-Voyage chats conducted by the Watch Leaders. The last of the crew returned onboard by 1145.We weighed anchor at 1230, while the youthies conducted Happy Hour. Once we had cleared Jervis Bay we conducted Demonstrational Tacks during which 3 members of each watch came to the bridge to witness what happens when the Ship Tacks or Wears. The crew then set the Topsail and the Top Gallant square sails for the run northwards to Port Hacking.During the First Dog Watch I commenced my Sail Theory briefs to the watches individually.The ship will remain at sea overnight with the watches consolidating their setting and furling and navigation knowledge. It is intended that we will anchor the Ship tomorrow afternoon at Port Hacking.Until tomorrow evening, Yours AyeCaptain Mike A message from Paigey – Happy Birthday Locky. Hope you had a good one XX


34 48.0’ S / 150 54.6’ E


Weather – fine, Wind – SE at 7 kn, Swell – southerly at 1 m, Temp – 17 deg. C