Captain's Log
10 January 2001

Pip Overboard

My last dispatch had our intrepid Youth Crew rapidly approaching their first goal of Three Hummock Island in very fresh winds. I am pleased to report they completed the anchorage flawlessly with the expert seamanship of our young Captain Hutch bringing us to a position 400 meters off the beach, aware of the difficulty his shore party was going to experience in paddlingthe small inflatable dinghy ashore against the strong winds. For this was their next task, a team of four had to paddle unaided by modern contrivance ashore complete with pole and flag and there claim Three Hummock Island as part of our Youth Crew’s heritage and sing a rousing rendition of Australia’s National Anthem. This was duly accomplished with style and all were soon back on board ready to weigh and proceed for the next part of the mission.Overnight they were required to sail around another Island, Albatross Island. This they also completed, rounding it at 0200, with minimal drama, especially considering the by now very boisterous conditions with winds gusting in excess of 35 knots. The only mishap of the night was an unintentional backing of the ship at about 0300 which required everyone to get out of bed to trim sail before the ship could get underway again. But even this was dealt with, despite some very tired minds and bodies in very rough conditions with a spirit of teamwork and equanimity a more mature group could only envy.With winds still increasing by daylight and backing into the north-east the final destination was adjusted to provide a better stop time and improved shelter. Once again the Youth Crew rose to the challenge, quickly adjusted their plan and soon had us snug at anchor in Coulomb Bay, Three Hummock Island. After lunch all enjoyed a much needed siesta after which a debrief was facilitated, the major theme of which was how rightfully proud they all were of their team effort in overcoming serious difficulties and achieving the assigned goals. I am confident some valuable life lessons have been learned by all.Now, once we have finished dinner we will be underway once more so that we can be off Burnie tomorrow in time for the next challenge, our half-day sail.See you again soonCap’n BobYouth Crew Entry: James DwyerHey everyone, we are very glad that we have finally handed the ship back to the pros that should be sailing it! We had a very eventful 24 hours during which time the YC pulled everything together and worked as a team to achieve our goals. The BAT (beach assault team) made a successful landing on Three Humock Island claiming it for the Youth of Australia, although we had the slight misfortune of Pip falling into the water during the trip. Although it was hard with very little sleep, and at times we felt we couldn’t go on, it was a fantastic experience and I wouldn’t exchange it for anything in the world. See you soon, we only have one day to go.


40° 25' South / 144° 52'


Current situation at 1800: At anchor Three Hummock Is. Wind east-nor-east 30 knots, partly cloudy, temp 17C.