Captain's Log
1 February 2002

Pinch and a punch …

Situation at 1800: Pinch and a punch for the first of the month!Last night was really quite rough and there were lots of YC wondering what the heck they had got themselves into. By mid morning the wind moderated but the large swell persisted and gradually isfading. The smiles have, of course, returned and there’s lots of activity now that we’ve had a relaxing day after a huge Thursday. There’s been some fish feeding again, this time from aloft (perhaps they can see the fish better) and by staffies and YC. Another night at sea tonight and by lunch, Saturday, if the weather is right we will anchor off Portland for a short break and a visit ashore.Youth Crew entry by Bek, 17, Wangaratta.I just want to say a BIG hello to anyone reading this. If you’ve already been on a voyage, then you’d most definitely agree with me that it beats almost every good time in your life, or if you’re like me, you’d take out the almost, and say you’re having THE time of your life. And if you’re going on a voyage sometime soon, then you’re GOING to have the best time. I must admit I was slightly nervous about many aspects of this voyage, such as seasickness, getting along with everyone, and even slightly nervous that the mast really would be scary. But DON’T fear peoples. It is possible to go without any sickness, and I am one of only a few that haven’t spewed, and even the experienced staff who haven’t been sick in over 20 years, if at all, have been sick. But even though you might not be lucky enough to avoid it, everyone has gotten over it really quickly. Getting along with everyone is the best part of the trip, (well, it’s a toss up between the beautiful scenery…) and even though no one will be lucky enough to partake in a voyage with all the beautiful people I’m here with, I’m sure there’s plenty more motivated, wonderful people out there. And the masts are a piece of cake to become accustomed to, in the ‘scare sense’, with everyone on board going the whole hog, even those who are afraid of heights. I love all my brave crew mates, and hope the next 13 days go REALLY slowly. Anyways, I’d better stop writing an essay, though it’s so fantastic on here that I could write all night.Hi to my gorgeous family back home, Mum, Dad, Rachel, (how’s grade one, you big little girl?) Joshy, and my cute little darling dog, Gypsie – I love you all, miss ya, and hope you’re having a good rest without your hyperactive little girl. Bon voyage to you and everyone else (if that means bye all you lovely people?). Luv Bek. oxoxoP.S. I hope my little pup’s getting five-star treatment. :-)Stay tuned,Andrew R. Davis


30° 9' South / 142° 51'


Leaving Bass Strait. At sea under fore and aft sail. Wind - a light sou'westerly at 8 knots. Temp 20 C.