Captain's Log
11 June 2001

Piggy in the Middle

We sailed from our dolphin watching anchorage and proceeded into Gove at 1000 this morning. After lunch we bussed it into town in search of the pool and shops. We had a great time playing sport in and out of the pool. Piggy in the middle was never as much fun. Red Watch triumphed in the inter-watch sports competition by being very good at wheelbarrow races, hockey with a stump and football and beach volleyball.We returned ravenous and had a great dinner. In the evening a very dubious quiz night was held (I say that because my team came third). Still the fishermen are desperate to catch something ��� it must be the bait they are using. Also, 100-pound lines are a bit of a giveaway to a half pound mullet, but I’m sure they’ll get something ��� anything will do.Tomorrow we depart on a half day sail for some local communities and with the wind blowing as it is, it will definitely be good sailing.No YC entry today – they’re tuckered out.Stay tunedAndrew Davis


12° 12' South / 136° 41'


CO's Log Monday 11 Jun 01Current situation at 1800: Alongside Gove Harbour. Temp 28 C. Wind Sou'east at 18 knots.