Captain's Log
20 June 2010

Photo Shoot

Last night the ship sailed throughout the night making good ground northwards. Nearly all watches and therefore nearly all YC, managed a climb during the night and sails were set and furled as well. Day break brought a perfect sailing day with a fresh breeze from the south and clear sunny skies. Under these perfect conditions with all plain sail set, we rendezvoused with a helicopter for an aerial photo shoot just off Noosa Heads at 1000. The photo shoot did delay happy hour so that was completed before lunch. In the afternoon the first set of rope races were completed followed by a lecture on Navigation. During these activities the generators were shut down for some silent sailing. The serenity was spoilt by an unexpected visit from Brother Nutsie who demanded we all pay homage to the Wind Gods. Our efforts were obviously insufficient as the wind started to ease. Reluctantly we turned on the iron topsail to get us to this evening’s anchorage at Double Island Point before sunset. Once at anchor, sea furls were applied and after a short interlude the BBQ was set up and the sausages were sizzling. With our bellies full and sea sickness just a memory we were all entertained by an informative session of three way talks. All up a very busy day with some great sailing. Hopefully we will all get a good nights sleep before the adventure resumes tomorrow morning.Captain GunnaCarpe’ Diem


25° 56' South / 153° 10' East


At anchor Double Island Point. Wind SE 15 kts, Temp 15C