Captain's Log
15 September 2000

Penguin Olympics

Early this morning Red Watch weighed the anchor and got the ship underway. We departed Broken Bay whilst it was still dark and the rest of the crew slept. We wanted to make an early start so that we would not miss the watching the Olympic Opening Ceremony that evening.With a moderate southerly blowing we quickly set all fore and aft sail and made ground to the south east. After Morning Tea I gave a presentation on sail theory, which the Youth Crew soon had a grasp of thanks to some budding sailors in my audience. But as soon as they were engrossed in the finer aspects we were rudely interrupted by some crazy Hare Krishnas flinging rice and bad karma. They left and the lecture was continued. After lunch a set of Rotational Tacks was conducted in the mouth of Sydney Harbour, before proceeding alongside the Navy wharf at HMAS PENGUIN where we stayed for the night. Just as we arrived we witnessed the Olympic Torch being relayed across the Harbour followed by a fleet of spectator craft and again we met up with the Bark ENDEAVOUR and exchanged hellos.The Youth Crew went ashore to get a chocolate and cola ‘fix’ and played some sport at Balmoral Beach, before enjoying a great BBQ. Then we gathered in a hall on the Base to watch the Opening Ceremony on an enormous screen – it was just like being there, and we all agreed it was a fantastic Ceremony and we were all glad we couldwitness it.About midnight we returned onboard to have a well earned rest – it’s been a long day – and hence there isn’t a Youth Crew entry – sorry….. Speak TomorrowAndrew


33° 45' South / 151° 13'


Current situation at 1800: Alongside HMAS PENGUIN, Sydney Harbour, Overcast but fine, Temp 19 C.