Captain's Log
21 November 2008


Ahoy Shipmates,This morning was overcast and unseasonably cold but the strong winds that we had experienced yesterday had abated. Following the completion of normal early morning activities the Navigator presented a very informative lesson on the scientific art of navigation. This lesson was given while still at anchor as it was expected that the conditions in Bass Strait may not be conducive to these types of presentations. On completion of an early lunch the anchor was weighed and YE departed her anchorage and proceeded out into the main channel and completed the final phase of our pilotage out of Port Phillip Bay. On passing safely through the Rip and entering Bass Strait we were greeted by a pleasant 1m swell and a 20kt north westerly, which were considerably better conditions than what we had originally expected. Once in clear water all plain sail was set and a course shaped for Cape Otway. These conditions only lasted 1 hour then the wind backed to the south west and increased to 25-30kts. At this stage we had to clew up all square sails and come hard onto the wind so that we could maintain a southerly course.The time is now 1930 and given the current conditions we will maintain this course until 2345 when we will tack ship (put bow through the wind) and alter course to the northwest setting ourselves up nicely to clear Cape Otway and shape a course for the township of Robe which will be our next anchorage.Until Tomorrow, take care.Yours AyeCaptain Gav 


38°47's / 144°27'e


Currently 40nm to the east of Cape Otway and experiencing strong 15-25kt SW winds with a 2m swell.