Captain's Log
15 March 2011

Our long second day …

Evening everyone in land-lubbers land,Thanks to Dutchy we were quickly awoken at 6:30 am this morning to the sounds of music (Beyonce … I think I have heard of her) and then on deck to greet a stunning Sydney morning. A hearty breakfast and then in to some ship-keeping routines, the favourite of which was happy hour ��� yes, you guessed it ��� cleaning!We then settled into a day of sail handling, covering the basics at anchor and then in the early afternoon we proceeded to sea and continued practicing handling the sails. We did tacking stations, which involves all of us handling all the sails at once to help manoeuvre the ship if needed to avoid other ships and the like. After another great dinner it was to bed for a lot of us but mindful of the need to run the ship we will be keeping watches overnight. Watches are typically 4 hours long and it involves us steering (or helming as it is known to us mariners), keeping a lookout, navigation, ���rounds’ to check all the ship systems and of course, handling all the sails, which sometimes requires us to climb the mast and prepare the sail lines.Most people have seen-off the initial mal-de-mar effects and the somewhat gentle conditions are allowing us to achieve a lot of things while we do our watches ��� makes the long night hours pass quickly. We will continue our passage up the coast overnight and expect to be just past Port Stephens early tomorrow morning.Until tomorrow ��_YakVoyage Captain


33° 35' South / 151° 28' East


Low east/south east swell of 0.5 metre with a slight sea.Wind from the east at about 5 to 8 knots. Temperature is a pleasant 24 degrees and we still haven\'t got any rain although I expect some thunderstorm activity inshore later tonight.