Captain's Log
11 March 2009

Our Last night … and first swim!

Hi everyone from a comfortable anchorage right in the middle of the port of Esperance. A great day of sailing where we got to take out 33 guests from Esperance and show them what we do and take the opportunity to give back to the community that supports us so well. Our guests today were from the Esperance Rotary Club and the Activ Foundation, an organisation that cares for disabled and the disadvantaged in and around Esperance. We had a ball – ran our own Melbourne Cup, showed the guests how to sail and of course taught them a few sea shanties! Some of the Youth Crew reckon this was a highlight of the Voyage.We have just completed our end of Voyage talks and and enjoyed a wonderful \’slide show\’ of the Voyage – some really great pics! A rest tonight and we might get up a few minutes early to go for a swim before we go alongside the wharf.Be great to see any friends and loved ones who are there to meet us for our final day tomorrow and for those who have been following our progress – many thanks and all the best. The Voyage might be ending and people will leave the Ship but you never really do leave Young Endeavour. To quote a line from an old(ish) song – \’you can check out but you may never leave\’ (Eagles, Hotel California).Take care,Dave J (Yak)Voyage Captain


33° 52' South / 121° 54' East


Calm seas and light southerly winds - just right to be rocked to bed and then up for an early morning swim!