Captain's Log
21 March 2010

Our first night …

Good evening everyone from a slightly chilly Hobart.This afternoon family, friends and loved ones said farewell from Elizabeth Street Pier in overcast conditions with the ocassional light shower, not the weather dampened our spirits. 26 youth crew from all over Australia are on board and along with the 9 staff crew have sailed on a voyage of adventure, learning, challenge and of course FUN!Having said all that we haven\’t sailed that far today – 1.4 miles to be exact! That\’s okay, it was the plan … we needed to be at anchor not only to do tours of the ship and some more safety stuff but importantly to provide a nice stable platform for our first \’peak experience\’, climbing to the top of the 33 metre mast. As I speak the youth crew are learning about their safety harnesses in preparation for nthe climb. The view of Hobart should be well worth it.I\’ll let you know how we go tomorrow. Until then take care,Dave Jordan (Yak)Voyage Captain


42° 54' South / 147° 21' East


SW winds at 10-15 knots, ocassional shower, temperature 12 degrees (hmmm). Nil sea or swell.