Captain's Log
13 August 2011

Our First Night …

Evening Everyone,A wonderful farewell from the wharf at Newcastle this afternoon. As promised we did some manouevering in the harbour before moving to another berth further upstream at the Forgacs Shipyard so we could have benign sea conditions for our first big task. Benign conditions indeed – no rain, sea like glass and snug next to a wharf in the middle of the City!After settling into our watches (sea talk for groups or teams) we unpacked our gear, did tours of the Ship and enjoyed a fantastic meal cooked by our chef Adrian. The Sail Master and I provided the Youth Crew with a feel for the Voyage and we started to collectively think about what we all wanted from this opportunity.From there it was into the first big challenge – climbing the fore mast (30 metres to the top and all the way out to the end of the yards). Some fantastic efforts throughout the evening with some truely remarkable climbing techniques shown by some of the Youth Crew. I don\’t think anyone really noticed we were next to a wharf in a big City. It makes for a long day and as I type everyone is heading to bed.Until tomorrow, take care.Yours Aye,YakVoyage Captain


32° 55' South / 151° 46' East


Calm, 11 degrees C with a light and variable wind with a predominance from the West.