Captain's Log
14 March 2011

Our first day and our first challenge!

We sailed from Garden Island and then went to anchor about an hour later in Hunter\’s Bay in the northern part of Sydney Harbour. The Sail Master and I had an opportunity to sit down and talk with everyone before we completed some ship familiarisation and enjoyed one of Adrian\’s outstanding meals.Am writing to you late at night after a successful climb of the foremast – 33.3 metres high in a 15 knot wind and a slight roll. It is a real challenge and an achievement for anyone to climb the mast and I was very proud of all the Youth Crew\’s efforts tonight.Off to our beds now as we have a very early start tomorrow – this Captain wants to go sailing!Until tomorrow …YakVoyage Captain


33° 49' South / 151° 15' East


Southerly wind of 25 knots early in the evening and then 15 knots reducing 10 knots later tonight. Slight effecft from a SE swell but otherwise calm seas here at anchor - a little roll to rock us to sleep!