Captain's Log
28 July 2009


Hi Everyone,This morning was overcast and slightly cooler than the previous 3 days of the voyage. Following morning brief we started the days activities with a good set of rotational tacks (this activity gives everyone the opportunity to experience each others tacking station) then went straight to cleaning stations. At 1130 all sail was handed in and Young Endeavour motored the final 1nm to her anchorage in Pioneer Bay (Orpheus Island). Once at anchor both boats were launched and all of the YC were ferried ashore to enjoy a couple of hour’s snorkelling amongst the coral, tropical fish and the giant clams of Pioneer Bay. At 1400 the Youth Crew took the short walk to the Orpheus Island Marine Research Centre were they where met by one of the resident marine scientists who kindly agreed to give them a tour of this interesting facility. After a very informative and enjoyable afternoon everyone returned onboard where they were given some free time to prepare for the evenings three way talks. This evening with the picturesque Orpheus Island as our backdrop we enjoyed a “teak deck” BBQ (cooked by Taff and myself) followed by an entertaining session of three way talks. To finish of the days activities, Trish the Navigator gave a short presentation on anchor watches before everyone turned in for a good nights rest.Tomorrow we will sail from anchor early so that we can sail the 15nm to the spectacular Zoe Bay (Hinchinbrook Island) were we currently plan to spend most of the day.Until tomorrow, take care.Yours AyeCaptain Gav 


18°36's / 146°28'e


Currently at anchor in Pioneer Bay and experiencing moderate 10-15kt SE winds.