Captain's Log
19 February 2007

On Passage, 190nm from Nelson NZ

Ahoy Me Hearties,We have had a pretty full 24 hours since the last log entry ��� to tell you all about it here are YC Polly and Grant:Hello all you fellow land lovers,As expected we have had an amazing week so far. We have been challenged in more ways than one ��� from sea sickness to climbing aloft in the middle of the night. The staffies have been keeping things entertaining whilst also teaching us heaps about ourselves. The winds have been against us all the way but finally we have just set some square sails and are sailing through the Tasman Sea at an amazing 7 knots! Sammi’s cooking has been spectacular throughout the journey and to prove it we have just finished scoffing down a batch of fresh scones with jam and cream ��� Polly’s diet taking a turn for the worst!After not seeing land for almost a week we are all hanging out to arrive in Nelson which should happen sometime on Wednesday. We were told this morning that as we reached 200miles from the shores of New Zealand there would be large yellow buoys marking the border. Obviously some people are gullible as a large number of the youth crew have spent the last 20 minutes on deck looking for them through binoculars!So as we mark the half way point we send our love to all back home, and a special birthday wish to Polly’s big brother George. Polly and GrantUntil tomorrow, shipmates,Yours AyeChrisChris GallowayCommander, RANCommanding Officer


39° 33' South / 170° 20' East


Wind - SSE 7-12 knots, sea and swell low, overcast and cool