Captain's Log
28 September 2001

Old Tom and ‘sweet things’

Last night the wind tapered off and left us motor-sailing toward Eden. As we made our approach this morning it rose from the north we alongside the wharf and ready to go ashore after five days onboard.Old Tom at the Eden Killer Whale Museum was visited first, followed by the shops and by late afternoon the YC were seen to be in high spirits with bags of ‘sweet things’ returning onboard. Woody was cooking up a storm in a BBQ on deck. To finish a great day the YC entertained all in a round of three way talks. It was very funny.Tonight we shall stay here and depart early Saturday morning to continue north along the NSW coast. The wind has left us but it will return early next week – just in time for their Command Day. For now we have the weekend at sea to look forward to. The YC are all well rested and in good shape, some sore muscles and a few bruises here and there, but they have the right attitude and that will get them through anything.Stay tuned,Andrew Davis


37° 6' South / 149° 57'


Current situation at 1800: Alongside Skinny Wharf, Eden. Wind: none. Temp 18C