Captain's Log
4 April 2000

Nutsie appears near Dromana!

Around lunchtime yesterday, winds were light from the west and I though it appropriate that we pay homage to the wind gods and summons the presence of Brother Nutsie to act as mediator. Brother Nutsie duly appeared dressed in his fine robes and adornments. The youth crew were asked to commence a chant in the presence of the great man. To prove his powers to the non believers, he chose to elevate the youth crew en’masse. Amazing as it may seem, he did achieve this feat and sure enough the wind began to freshen. At 1300 the ship conducted a man overboard exercise and with the ship hove to and the life ring recovered, I handed the ship over to Captain Ben and the youth crew. Within an hour the ship was heading more or less in the right direction with all sail set. A cold front with a southerly change was expected by late afternoon but failed to materialise. At 2030 we wore ship and within seconds of being steady on course the change came through that required us to wear again. Murphy’s law at work I think. After the initial passing of the front the wind died off and the engines were allowed to be used for part of the night.At 0600, the engines were declared ‘broken’ as the ship approached the Rip marking the entrance to Port Phillip Bay. To lay the Rip we had to tack which went quite well, although shortly afterwards we were taken aback and heading towards the beach at Queenscliff. Engines were miraculously repaired and provided to the youth crew for the transit of the southern channel into the Bay that was commenced shortly after 0900.The Command Day is approaching an end and so far so good. The team in the galley has done a superb job and there have been plenty of opportunities for a bit of fun and a laugh. I can’t wait to see the photos taken during the watermelon-eating contest. After lunch we will anchor at Dromana and the Beach Assault Team will hit the beach. We will follow shortly afterwards for a sports afternoon and BBQ. Already we’ve had two seasons of Melbourne weather thus far today – only two to go.Chat tomorrow


38° 16' South / 144° 57'


Wind 090/10 kts, Temp 20, warm sunny day with cloudy periods, passing showers, chance of snow and thunderstorms, otherwise fine.