Captain's Log
30 June 2006


Yesterday after land legs had been regained (it has been said that the only true cure for sea sickness is to sit under a tree) and the realisation that the land was not moving, Phils (the watch officer) taxi service returned us all back to the ship. A night of fun and frivolity was had doing three way talks where Youth Crew members got to sit down and talk to members from other watches.Sleep was the order of the night and as such watches were reduced to only three people for reduced periods of time. As morning dawned so the day commenced at 0630. After a promising start to the morning, the liquid sunshine of the tropics returned to dampen the evolution of sailing from anchor, but not our spirits. With a light 10-15kts we resumed our passage north.Ian HibbardLEUT, RANCaptain V10/06


19° 49' South / 148° 43' East


A light 10-15kts