Captain's Log
9 December 2015


Hi Everyone,Welcome to day 22 of our voyage which has been another day of warm conditions, blue skies and hardly a breath of wind which has meant the continued use of the ‘Iron Headsail’ (our main engine).Despite the lack of wind we have still managed to fit in a number of activities during the day which have included the construction of a rope hammock, set of rope races, PT class and to finish up the afternoon a refreshing swim. Overnight the World Voyagers will be kept busy while on watch completing harbour furls on the squares, putting covers on the mainsail and fisherman staysail and if time permits may even rig the midships awning. By achieving all of these tasks overnight it should only leave the tasks of storing and refuelling the ship on our arrival in Tenerife at 1000 tomorrow morning.Talking of Tenerife it is now only 30nm away and given the great visibility that we currently have we can clearly see the peak of the Pico del Téide volcano which is the highest mountain in Spain at just over 3000m.So as not to tell you all of the news of the day I will now handover to Kate, Maddy, Brad and other members of the Young Endeavour Crew who kindly volunteered to write tonight’s Captains Log. Enjoy!As we will now be alongside in Tenerife for the next five days the next Captains Log will be released on the evening of Friday 18th September (our time).Until then, take care.Yours AyeCaptain GavLand Ahoy!!! The day had finally arrived, and after two glorious weeks of enjoying our own little world, Tenerife is at last on the horizon. Though, by saying Tenerife, we really mean the peak of Pico del Téide volcano, which many of us are looking forward to climbing upon our imminent arrival tomorrow!Saturday has treated us well. We began with a marvellous production of Ian’s ‘Two Six Heave’, though unfortunately Mila Kunis was unable to make it and instead, we had to improvise with poor Liv who was thoroughly impressed with the whole situation.From there it was Happy Hour (the happiest hour of the day) where we devised a plan to fit all 24 youthies onto a rope hammock. I’m happy to announce that such a task was completed with great success!Lunchtime was fabulous as per usual (cheers Marcus) and the following siesta was even better. At 1400, the well rested World Voyagers were summoned from their snooze and back to Midships to compete in the final rope races! It was a tight finish, and after a tie breaker of “skinning the snake” which was completed with varying degrees of success and it was Blue Watch who came out victorious, closely followed by White Watch, and then Red Watch. But hey, rope races are the real winner, right?Completely disregarding the fact that we are sailing through the tropics and it’s pretty damn sweaty and hot, we raced into a quick PT sesh with the one and only Miquela, and topped off the day with another beautiful swim in the crystal clear Atlantic Ocean. Fortunately for us, old mate shark was nowhere in sight.So as we settle in for our last sweaty night at sea for a few days, we’re watching the sun set over the Canary Islands and dreaming of the cocktails and adventures in the days to come. Though we say this with a little sadness in our Red Watch hearts, as tonight is our last night at sea with Tug, our fearless watch leader. Tug has been our watch leader, teacher and fountain of dad-jokes since we boarded the ship in Amsterdam, but unfortunately will be leaving us in Tenerife to head home to his family. All of Red Watch would like to thank Tug for the past three weeks we’ve spent together; learning to sail, spewing over the side, climbing aloft the masts and just having a great time. We all wish you were coming to Rio. Cheers and giddy up.Love to all the Captain’s Log fans,Kate, Maddy, Brad and the Young Endeavour CrewAnnie: Ahoy Family! Just wanted you to know I am still alive; no more sea sickness after we departed Brest! Having the most amazing time although I have missed every opportunity to see a whale close up!! Luckily there are 40 or so days left! Miss you all xoxMaddy: Bad luck about the game Dad, though at least it wasn’t as bad as Hawthorn’s! Talk to you soon, love to everyone at home xx


29 degrees 0 minutes North / 15 degrees 51 minutes West


Currently located 30nm to the north of the Canary Islands and experiencing 3kts of light and variable wind. Our current speed is 4kts and the temperature is 20 degrees.