Captain's Log
10 January 2015


Today on board the Young Endeavour we continued with another instalment of a Sunday at Sea… on Thursday. With a number of the youth crew and staffies still down with Mindello Belly we had another relaxed day on board.After a standard wakey wakey from Blue watch, we rolled out of bed into another scrumptious breakfast from Marcos and his galley crew with a special appearance from banana pancakes (a crew favourite). After an attempt to find the maple syrup we called it quits and gave up to find out it had vanish to the upper decks to be devoured by those availing themselves of the beautiful morning view and breakfast.White watch then relieved a overly hungry Red watch who bailed out early to make sure they didn’t miss out on the aforementioned pancakes. We then eased into watch with some riddles and friendly conversation. Even after 40 days there are still things we are getting to know about each other.Jump forward to morning brief which today included a bucket full of all the personal items that have accumulated in the bridge. Hopefully those items vanish in the next day or so. Happy hour again involved a full wipe down of all the ships surfaces in an attempt of eradicate the potential sharing of whatever charming bug boarded with us in Mindello.Next up, we enjoyed a video on celestial navigation presented by Dr Karl in a truly amazing ‘celestial shirt’. One by one the numbers viewing in the galley dropped off as the heat and complexity of ideas grew. The lure of shade and what small amount of breeze remained grew too great for the majority. Hopefully the clouds clear off a bit so we can put our growing nav knowledge to use.Cue another great lunch of toasties, curry and salad. With food in our bellies, the great migration occurred with the crew sprawled out in the patches of shade on deck to sleep away the afternoon. Amongst the crew there was book reading, washing, napping and even some sneaky PT for some. Its surprising how fast 5 hours can vanish when you have a cheeky nap for 4.5…Into dinner and we found ourselves back up on watch. After a day of virtually no wind and nothing happening, we get on watch and up it comes. Up the foremast to loosen the gaskets on the topsail and topgallant, as well as on deck setting the forestaysail and the jib. Lets hope that the wind sticks around well into the night to smash out some sailing and hopefully shut down the iron headsail. Sam: My thoughts and prayers with the SA rovers. Gone too soon. Hoping everyone is doing ok and is there to support each other. Diamantina Scouts enjoy the school holidays and get keen for Boots’ sailing night in term 4. Miss you guys!Caitlin: Hi to all back home – sorry it’s been so long – missing you all like crazy!!! Love to all the humans, and cuddles to all my babies!! Super excited for our big win tomorrow!! Hope you all enjoy the craziness, and will be thinking of you all celebrating!!  *fingers and toes crossed* xxxxxxxDan: Big shout out to Mum and Dad, Happy Wedding Anniversary! Love you guys to the moon and back, Have a great time in Paris! Thanks for being so awesome! XX Also Good luck with your Exams Ed; I’m sure you’re going to smash them! Hope everything is going smoothly for you on the Farm Tess, Give the menagerie a hug from me! XXAmy: A big hello to my fam! Loving being back at sea- I managed to avoid Cape Verdigris (the lurgy!), and the constant melting sun is reminding me of long hot days on the equator… this time sans iguanas and salmonella! Missing you all a heap, and wishing you could see the sun set over this ocean with me. Sending buckets of love your way, love you all so much xxxxx. PS. Dyn and Wen- The Waifs and Kate M-H came on shuffle today, made me miss you two like crazy!Liv: Heya all! Sorry I didn’t get to call again before I left Mindelo. I have been struck down with the sickness over the last few days but I’ve taken a turn for the better and am definitely on the mend, thank goodness. No seasickness again either! (Thanks Nanna). Thinking of you all back home and wishing you all well thoughts. CJ, was great to chat with you the other day and I cannot wait to show you some of the photos I’ve been taking out here. I’ve been getting a little training from our fearless sail master Dougie. Love to you all and I will check in again soon. xoxoRowan: Hi everyone, unfortunately I can’t hear/read any replies, but at least I can get messages to you!  To Rei, love you, and I look forward to getting back and trying to make everything better.  Same goes out to Sia.  Sorry for making a hash of everything (seems to be my MO), but I’ll fix everything as best I can as soon as I’m back.  Promise.  To Jo, love you lots, no idea where the hell you are (as per bloody usual), but I look forward to giving you a bell when I get back to NZ.  To Scumbag, hope you had a good trip, and fingers crossed we can fix it all with Iesha (seems to have gotten messy).  To WSM, don’t get too mad at dad for the deposit.  Having a good time out here, apart from the boxing match with food poisoning I have had over the last few days, but on the plus side it’s helped with the weight loss!  Anyway, love to everyone, all around the world, and I’ll chat to you all when I’m back. 


11 degrees 51 minutes North / 26 degrees 34 minutes West


Ongoing upset tummies