Captain's Log
17 November 2000

No-one Seasick – Yipee!

Another wet day greeted us, but it was just kidding – it turned out to be a real corker and the Youth Crew really enjoyed a few hours ashore at the beach and visiting the Navy Base, HMAS CRESWELL for some sport and a scavenger hunt (and shopping at the canteen). The sun has finally come out and dried up all the rain and our clothes. I gave a presentation to the YC on sail theory and said hello to some Brother Nutsie followers during it. The YC then set the right sails and we weighed anchor, sailing from the anchorage and the ship glided smartly across the Bay.We are now back at sea for the next two days and no-one has been seasick – yippee. They’re cured – for now… Spirits are high and tomorrow I think Brother Nutsie will definitely need to be summoned.Youth Crew entry by Michelle Civitarese, 23, of Sydney: ‘Four seasons in one day’ I suppose this sums up just how most of us have felt, especially me. From feeling cold, miserable and violently ill to feeling on top of the world when I climbed to the topsail yard with self-assurance. I guess I had been avoiding the challenge for a few days, but today there were no excuses. I was pretty delighted, however I could not have done it without knowing the support of the Youth Crew who are just amazing when it comes to lifting spirits for encouragement or fetching Saos and water. The view of JB from that high up is magnificent. It’s amazing how 25 complete strangers have come to support and keep each other moving and shaking (literally) in such a short time. Bye.Speak tomorrowAndrew Davis


35° 11' South / 150° 49'


Current situation at 1800: At sea off Jervis Bay. Wind light and variable. Temp 20 C.