Captain's Log
7 January 2008


Ahoy Shipmates,Throughout the night and the early hours of this morning YOUNG ENDEAVOUR continued to ‘beat up wind’ and make slow ground to the south. The Youth Crew have become very proficient at closing up at tacking stations and by sunrise this morning our total number of night tacks stood at six (1 every 2 hours). At morning brief we were 10nm to the north east of the Franklin Islands and now with the assistance of the morning land breeze finally making good progress towards south. After morning ‘Happy Hour’ (cleaning stations) the YC were stood down until lunch so that they could recover from a sleep deprived night. Following lunch it was straight into another closely contested set of rope races which was followed by a short Rule of the Road lecture given by the Boats Officer. As it was still early afternoon and the conditions perfect I decided to go straight into rotational tacks, this evolution gives the YC the opportunity to experience and gain an appreciation for each others position and gives them a better understanding of ship management in preparation for the rapidly approaching Command Day. As the rest of the afternoon was free and the weather perfect the YC took the opportunity to catch up on some domestic chores, like doing their laundry (hand washed out of a bucket), climb the mast or just sit out on the bowsprit and enjoy life at sea. During the night watches the YC will complete the “Bear Exercise” (initiative, communication and teamwork exercise) as the ship continues to make good ground towards our next anchorage at Dunk Island.Yours AyeCaptain Gav


17°20's / 146°14'e


Currently experiencing perfect conditions with a light to moderate 10-15kt E/SE breeze.