Captain's Log
V06/19 Newcastle to Brisbane
28 April 2019

Newcastle to Nelson Bay

Day 1 of Voyage 06/19 commenced at 1400 on Sunday 28 April, when the YC embarked with family and friends for a tour of the Ship and a formal welcome onboard. Our departure was delayed due to the late arrival of a YC member and some large shipping movements out of the port. Before we departed the YC received the ‘Captain Safety’ brief from White Watch Leader Karly.

During the 3 hour transit to Nelson Bay the YC also completed a detailed tour of the Ship, enjoyed a fabulous dinner from Chef Zac and received initial briefs from Captain Mike, Sailmaster Harry and Engineer Reggie. We anchored at 2100 and the YC then completed their Watch Full Value Contracts and commenced Deck Safety practical training.

The intention is to remain at anchor here overnight and undertake first climbs in the morning before sailing to continue our passage to Brisbane.

The Staff Crew for this voyage are as follows:
Captain – Mike
Sail Master – Harry
Navigator – Ivanka
Watch Officer – Jerome
White WL – Karly
Red WL – Morgan
Blue WL – Blake
Chef – Zac
Engineer – Reggie
Supers – Emma, Isaac and Adam


32 42.9' S / 152 08.7' E


Wind ENE at 4 Knots; Nil Swell; Temp 21 deg. C anchored in Nelson Bay, Port Stephens