Captain's Log
9 August 2000

New Shipmates Aloft

We weighed anchor at 0830 and motored the short distance to the Gladstone Wharf berthing at 0900. Kath, the navigator, did the driving and did a fine job. About 30 young adults from Roseberry House joined the ship at 0945 and after a quick welcome we got underway. Rick, the engineer drove us away from the wharf.Having had a week of fresh winds, this morning was dead calm so although we hoisted some sails they really were more for decoration.Nevertheless, we all had a fun time and we got our new shipmates aloft, steering the ship and hauling on lines. We returned alongside at 1300, just as an afternoon sea breeze started to come in. We said farewell to our guests and proceeded back to our anchorage position.Once anchored, the watches conducted ‘end of voyage talks’ to discuss the voyage and what can be taken away from the experience. Harbour furls were next on the agenda and now having just finished dinner we are all preparing for the end of voyage concert. I think it’s going to be a good one.Tomorrow we will get underway at 0930ish to get alongside at 1000.Until tomorrow Andrew


23° 49' South / 151° 15'


At anchor Gladstone Harbour, Wind NE 10kts, Temp 19, clear