Captain's Log
24 January 2002

New Record and God Speed

At 0630 hours this morning the YC took over control of the ship. They even did a washdown by themselves so they started with clean decks. I handed command to Megan ……… and shortly afterwards the YC sailed the ship from anchor and soon Dromana was just a speck in the wake behind us. At 1730 hours the ship was sailed into an anchorage off Portarlington in order that the Beach Assault Team could row ashore and claim the beach for the Youth of Australia whilst getting as many people together on the beach to sing the national anthem with them. As I type, the BIGGESTcrowd I have yet seen are gathering on the beach. The number was 136 – a new YOUNG ENDEAVOUR record. Well done, BAT. The caravanpark was empty.Soon the YC will raise the anchor and get going. They will sail around the Bay overnight and need to be at anchor off Port Melbourne by 0630 hours Friday morning. It may be a long night.On this occasion I would like to farewell Mr John Glenn, the Youth Schemes Voyage Coordinator for the passed five years, as he leaves our shores….well departs Garden Island at least. John has been a Scheme stalwart, a talented organiser and a great friend and Tall Ship sailor. On behalf of my crew, John, I would like to wish you…. God Speed, Mr Glenn.Stay tuned,Andrew Davis


38° 6' South / 144° 38'


Current situation at 1800: Command Day. At anchor at Portarlington, Port Philip Bay. Temp 19 C. Wind sou'easterly at 10 knots.