Captain's Log
31 March 2003

Never Unachievable

Situation at 21:00- Because we remained in sea watches last night, there was no early morning activity on the schedule. Wakey Wakey was piped at05:45 and at 06:30 we weighed anchor and departed Jervis Bay.Once clear of Jervis Bay we shaped a course North towards Sydney. There were squalls passing overhead at regular intervalswhich provided a fresh water wash down for the upper deck. At morning brief Salty Sea Dog and Engineer Rags were up to their usual antics.Captain John led the singing for those who had been found guilty ofleaving gear skulling, and what a song it was. Happy hour and morningtea followed, Today’s episode of rope races was won by the Whities. The Reddies lead has been severly reduced which will make for aclosely contested finish.After lunch Captain John mustered the Youth Crew and gave them the command day brief. The aims of the day, as well as thespecific tasks they have been challenged to achieve, were discussed in detail. Once the command day brief was completed, the Youth Crew spent the remainder of the afternoon holding their elections. They have elected a strong team and have chosen to use a commandstructure similiar to that used by the Staff Crew. They have started off on the right foot, but it is all uphill from here.The Youth Crew command team spent two hours meeting with their Staff Crew equivilants in order to pick their brains prior to the actual handing over of command. A few minutes ago, in front of the entire Ship’s Company, the telescope symbolising command was formally passed to Captain Sticksy who will lead the Youth Crew through their mission over the next 36 hours.YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Fact File: In her 15 years of operating the youth development program, YOUNG ENDEAVOUR has sailed over 225,000nautical miles. She has visited every continent except Antarctica and has circumnavigated the globe. Over 6,000 young Australians, from every corner of the country have experienced a voyage onboard,ranging from 5 days to four months.YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Glossary: RHIB- Rigid Hulled Inflatable Boat. YOUNG ENDEAVOUR is equipped with a 4.7 metre RHIB that is powered bya 36 HP diesel outboard. It is used to transport the Youth Crew to and from the shore and any other utility work that is required. Capping Rail- The wooden railing that sits atop the bulwark. The Capping Rail is partly decorative, and partly fender. YOUNG ENDEAVOUR’s is made from teal, which is very durable and long lasting.Thought of the Day: The truly educated man is the one who knows and can properly appraise the consequences of his actions.Sidney Harris.Youre, AyeJohn CowanLCDR, RANHello All,What an eventful journey this has been. Mixed emotions were felt in the begining, mainly fear and uncertainty, however, by the third day steady progress was been made. Throughout, challenges and tasks havegrown greater, but never un-achievable.Teamwork and communication has been outstanding on the voyage as spirits are lifted higher each day by the encouragement and positive support of all crew and staff.For me the YE will always remain a very different and rewarding memory.See you shortly Kath, Caz, Deb, Bazil, Lamiah and family, With love, Rachel


33° 49' South / 151° 16' East


At anchor in Hunters Bay . Wind: Light Airs, Cloud:8/8, Temp: 21c.