Captain's Log
26 June 2003

Never Say Never

Situation at 21:00 – It was a bouncy night at anchor last night with 20 knot winds blowing from the Sou’East. Despite the weather, all hands wereable to enjoy catching up on some sleep.At 06:00 all hands were piped on deck for a very special early morning activity. Armed with buckets and scrubbers, everyoneturned to to clear the rust stain off the bulwark and coach houses. Before long the upperdecks were hosed clean and all gear was secured. At 07:00 the anchor was weighed and Magnetic Island was left to starboard as we headed through the channel into Townsville Harbour.Once alongside, we embarked 30 guests from several of the special schools in the Townsville area. The next three hours were spent hosting our guests to a sail in the approaches to the harbour. This proved to be a terrific event that saw the Youth Crew perform, a skit, as well as incorporating the guests into the sailing of theShip. It was a valuable experience for the Youth Crew and once in a lifetime event for the guests.By 14:00 the Ship was secured alongside Townsville, the guests had departed and XO Chooka led the Youth Crew through thefinal episode of rope races. Well done to the Bluies who will man the T’Gallant yard tomorrow for our final arrival into port. The next activity was the harbour furl. This is where the square sails are carefully furled under their UV protection panel. This serves to protect them from the elements between voyages. Once their respectivesquare sail was neatly put to bed, each watch met for their end-of-voyage talks. The Watch Leaders coordinated this discussion of the highs and lows of the voyage and carefully noted any suggestions offered on how to improve the content of the voyage.After supper, XO Chooka mustered the Youth Crew to complete the end of voyage administration. This includes the post voyagequestionnaire, port information forms and the six-month letters. The letter is a chance for the Youth Crew to write themselves a letter, which will be held by the Young Endeavour Youth Scheme forsix months and then mailed to the author. It records how the Youth Crew are feeling at the end of the voyage, and sending it six months later often provides a forgotten burst of motivation. For their lastnight onboard, the Youth Crew will remain in sea watches. This will allow them to say an extended farewell to one another, as well ascomplete their section of the Ship’s scrap book.YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Fact File: During this voyage, the following victuals were consumed: 40 kg of potatoes, 90 kg of fresh fruit, 30 dozen eggs, 10 kg of bacon, 80 kg of meat, 10 kg of bread dough, 35loaves of bread, 60 litres of fresh juice, 40 litres of cordial, 80 kg of fresh vegetables, 12 boxes of Sao biscuits, and 18000 litres of ice cream (just kidding-really it was 18).YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Glossary: Capping Rail – The teak woodwork that covers the top of the Bulwark. In most Ships this is considered’Brightwork’ and is stained and/or varnished. Dodger – A canvas screen used to act as a spray and wind guard in exposed positions.Thought of the Day: I believe that courage is all too often mistakenly seen as the absence of fear. If you descend by rope from a cliff and are not fearful to some degree, you are either crazy or unaware. Courage is seeing your fear, in a realistic perspective,defining it, considering alternatives and choosing to function in spite of risks.Yours, Aye John Cowan, LCDR, RANHello, well the trip is almost over and what a trip it has been, an experience that I have really enjoyed which I would have torecommend to anyone who is up for an adventure and certainly a challange. Today we had a half day sail with disabled individuals and their families. I found it very rewarding working with them and theirstories are amazing. Tomorrow we (being the 24 youth crew) will disembark on our journey together, but I am confident, that we willtake away with us something we will never forget. To my new made friends may we keep in touch, I wish you all the best and never say never because you might just do it.Cate, Sydney >


19° 15' South / 146° 50' East


Alongside in Townsville .Wind: Light Airs, Temp: 23c, Cloud:6/8.