Captain's Log
V13/18 Mackay to Airlie Beach
29 July 2018

Nara Inlet

Ahoy shipmates,We are approaching the end of a wonderful 11 day adventure with some truly inspiring Young Australians. We as staff have thoroughly enjoyed their company…they will be missed. As we settle in for the last night of the voyage there is no need for me to explain what has occurred over the last 24 hour period (Command Day) for Holly and Reilly have said it all. So from me…it’s been a blast…until next time.Fair Winds and Following SeasCaptain Kenny…out! Captain’s LogGood Evening Ladies and Gentlemen of the interwebs. Ex-Captain Reilly and Ex-Sail Master Holly here writing to you on our very last night on the incredible adventure that has been V13/18. After a tough night at sea (little wind for sailing = us scared we weren’t going to make end point by handover ☹ ), the crew was awoken by an acapella version of  ‘Final Countdown’ from Chenoa, Zara and yours truly and the Command team begun asking the scariest question of all: “To tack or not to tack?”. By 8am we had almost reached the end point from Command day navigation instructions and all Youthies could breathe a sigh of relief. Morning brief followed and after taking down our sails in order motor into Nara Inlet we all moved to the HAPPIEST hour of the day… you guessed it, happy hour! Then, at exactly 10am the Young Endeavour was handed back over to the beautiful Staffies with Reilly returning the ship back to Captain Kenny. Reilly and I can agree that the Youth Crew (shout out to all family and friends!) have proven themselves to be astounding young adults. Through the 24 hours of Command Day each and every crew member worked in a cohesive team and, although there were definitely hiccups along the way, ended up being a massive success. To celebrate we were taken ashore onto the beautiful Hook Island where we were lucky enough to go for a quick swim and appreciate beautiful cave drawings that had been left by the Ngara people. Back on the ship we had a debrief on Command Day and took some time to reflect on the highs and lows of the 24 hour period as well as what we can take away from the experience. I am so very happy to say that we, as a Youth Crew, completed 21 out of 22 set tasks for those 24 hours. Each and every member of the crew contributed so much to these tasks and it was so amazing to see the strengths in our team being used to complete tasks so efficiently. Tonight we were treated to one of the most entertaining things I have ever seen – ‘Sod’s Opera’. The crew was in hysterics for the majority of this time and it was a real highlight of the day. The Staffies and Youthies both contributed to the event with Youthies both performing in their respective watches and also as a whole with an original song sung in perfect tune and harmony inspired by our time together on the Young Endeavour. To finish we were treated to a slideshow of the many wonderful memories we have made over the past 10 days with a few of us having a tear or two brought to our eyes. At the moment Reilly and I are sitting in the bridge after completing the ‘Letter to your future self’ activity – a personal letter each of the Youthies write to ourselves , delivered to us in 6 months time. We’re pretty excited to get back to the rest of the gang to enjoy our last night together as a Young Endeavour Youth Crew so we’ll leave you now and probably see you very soon!We want to quickly say a big thank you on behalf of all the Youthies to the Young Endeavour. The friends we have made, lessons we have learnt and challenges we have faced are all things we will remember and hold dear for the rest of our lives. To the staff, you have given us all the opportunity to grow and learn. You have been the support, drive and teachers that have allowed us to have an insanely wonderful experience. To the Youthies, you have made this time so unbelievably joyful and taught us and each other more than you will ever know. We are ship mates, friends and second family now. Thanks for reading! For the last time, Youthies of V13/18 over and out.Holly & Reilly


20 08 south / 148 54 east


Course:  At anchor    Speed:  0 knotsWind:  Light and variable    Swell:  Nil   Weather:   Fine