Captain's Log
V09/19 Cairns to Airlie Beach
17 June 2019

My Heart Will Go On

Ahoy shipmates and welcome to day 5. It’s Sailmaster Dion here again to fill you in on the day’s activities. Last night the Youth Crew had their first night with full responsibilities for looking after the ship while we were at anchor. They did a great job and this morning we wasted no time in getting underway and heading to the south, south/east. The winds have been pretty light and mostly from the south east (where we want to go), but we are progressing nicely towards the Whitsundays. Today we engaged some necessary training in maritime rules of the road to ensure that our team are fully prepared to take Command of the ship and safely achieve our final destination. The afternoon saw the wind reduce even further and our plan of rotational tacks was unachievable with a true wind speed of 3 knots. So there was only one thing to do in a situation like that and I’ll now hand over to some members of Blue watch to fill you in on the day’s activities from their perspective.Until tomorrow, fair winds, Sailmaster Dion  “In life not everything that can be counted counts and not everything that counts can be counted.”  Albert Einstein  Ahoy there! It’s Luke, Lizzie, and Wen from Blue Watch! Today we woke up bright up and early at 0630 after a round of anchor watches overnight. After another impromptu game of charades this morning, we said goodbye to Horseshoe Bay. After we got ready for the day, we learnt about the rules of the road from Ivanka – specifically, who has right of way at sea, the meaning of the different symbols on ships, navigation marks and light signals, as well as communicating with other ships to reroute. It was as though we were learning theory for our Driver’s Licence again. Afterwards, Blue Watch climbed up to the yards and cast off the gaskets for the topsail. This was a challenge in itself, a battle against the wind; left our knees weak, arms heavy but we got there! Bree continued to conquer her fear of heights, and climbed further up the ratlines than she has thus far. We’re proud of you! Dion was kind enough to let us have a spontaneous swim. Most of the crew jumped off from the side of the vessel; diving or falling into refreshing, cold, salty, pacific waters! For everyone’s safety, we only swam for a short time so as not to arouse the interest of any unwanted marine life.The sunset was beautiful today and at the same time an orange moon rose on the opposite horizon. We took some amazing golden hour shots of Keeley and Jonah re-enacting the iconic Titanic scene off the bowsprit, accompanied by a beautiful rendition of ‘My Heart Will Go On’. Tonight’s menu was all roast with the BEST cauliflower cheese we’ve ever had, and the sticky date pudding was G O A L S.Our highlight for this trip has got to be the ton of wildlife we saw today – a bunch of sea snakes, pods of dolphins and two whales breaching the surface at moonrise. All in all a great day on the Young Endeavour! Xoxo Blue Watch


19-30.77S / 148-12.59E


Wind:  090 at 12 knots                   Sea:  Negligible                 Swell: Nil